It’s been almost 6 years since i landed in this land of opportunities(read the place where the Sun and the Dinar shines with equal intensity). I come from the lush green lands of Kerala(God’s Own Country) and when my first flight was touching base in Kuwait, all i could see from my flight window was desert and oil storage tanks. Trust me, it was a bit overwhelming. Once i landed and got off the plane, the weather was as if you were right in the middle of an inferno. I thought to myself am doomed. When i reached the area where i was supposed to stay all i could see was buildings looking almost like the same kind and for that matter same color too. My relatives where explaining about the ring roads, which I couldn’t figure out initially.Everything was looking alien to me. I will exaggerate to say that i felt like being in Mars, thank god I could see humans and cats around.

Every one says Camels are the best animals to endure the tough conditions of the desert. So I started presuming that to survive in Kuwait I need to become a camel. All these years I have been trying to do the same, slowly but steadily am undergoing camelization.

Now the changes in me since i started my transformation, I started saying “As-Salam Alaikum” when ever i see arabs in the lift, on the doorways or when i enter a shop. You may ask why? I felt that its a great thing to greet a stranger.  Then slowly slowly i started saying “Inshallah“(god willing) in a positive way. Some people use this word in the negative, which implies if the person says “Inshallah“, then it means your work will not be done. The next change,I have started to accept the fasting during the Ramadan month. Initially i was like, why on earth should i fast, it’s not my problem.But over the years I have seen some colleagues who are doing it the right way. I do fast(not the hardcore fasting,i don’t take food or drinks while at work)with them as a mark of respect and solidarity. Trust me I am not getting converted.

The changes don’t end there. I don’t put my chair in such a way that i don’t obstruct someones view. I can endure the extreme summer and the cold winter. I have started to enjoy having French & Turkish coffee at least occasionally.I am using “Yaani“, “Shukran” & “Mabrook” as regular expressions.

Why do I say that I have not become a complete Camel? I still drink lots of water everyday, I haven’t become thick skinned or arrogant. I still don’t have a hump. I don’t store more water than what my body requires. I am happy as i am now, I don’t want to change any further.

No more Camelization for me!!!