It’s been some time since we bought the DVD, we saw a bit and got bored and yesterday we had nothing to do and we forced ourselves to watch the remaining part after almost 2 weeks. As i mentioned earlier, the starting itself was boring and the storyline was crude and exaggerated. As the movie was going ahead it was exploring new levels of insanity. I seriously doubt how the movie makers convince atleast the producer that this film is going to work.

Some people will argue that such movies are just for timepass. Well, our time didnt pass that easily, it was torture..torture all the way. A superstar, an aging hollywood superstar for a guest role, a heroine with skimpy clothes and some swear words doesn’t make a good movie. We were fortunate to watch this on DVD, i truly respect the people who saw it in Theatre…Skip this movie, if you can.

I am looking forward to watch “Kaminey”, its generating a lot of good reviews.

Warning: This is not just my opinion, my wify seconds it too. Probably it’s not our type of movie.