Now this is happening on a regular basis. Close on the heels of the news that India’s former President Dr.Abdul Kalam was frisked by United Airlines, comes the news of India’s Super Star Shahrukh Khan getting detained in the US airport. I hate this because all this is happening just both of the personalities mentioned above happens to have muslim names. I am not a muslim, but still feels very much that these type of racial profiling should not be carried out.

This is what Shahrukh Khan had to say about the incident:

“I was waiting for my bags … I thought it was nice of them to take me to another room … but that was apparently a second check. I had my papers in order,” said Khan, who told the officials that he was a movie star when they asked him what he was doing in the U.S.

“I did not want to say anything just in case they took everything wrong because I am little worried about Americans, because they do have this issue when your name is Muslim.

Incidentally his latest movie is titled “My Name is Khan”,after all it’s all in the name .