We had passed by souk salmiya for window shopping, we walked a lot.We had already decided that we are gonna dine out. We zeroed in on Pizza Inn since we had never been there. Its located in the Souk Salmiya food court area, it’s a bit away from the other restaurants.

The place is very small compared to Pizza Hut branches, we went on a wednesday so it wasn’t crowded at all. Only 2 other tables were occupied. We didn’t want to eat heavily, so we ordered a value meal which consists of a medium BBQ pizza, 2x330ml Pepsi and a dessert pizzarette, all for 2.500KD. The pizza was good, the base was not that hard and over all the pizza tasted juicy. But the quantity of the pizza filling is very less compared to the Pizza hut fillings.

And finally the dessert arrived. It was looking good till we tasted it. It was too sweet. Granulized sugar on top of another sweet custard filling. We could barely finish a wedge each and we finally resigned. The waitress was about to pack it up, but we duly refused as we knew that we could not eat it. Both of us are supposed to be born with a sweet tooth,but still couldn’t tolerate the sweetness.

I noticed that they have setup 2 Xbox consoles for games, it would be a treat to watch that area when they have more kids competing to play at the same time; thats gonna be some fun.

Conclusion: Price wise Pizza Inn is not value for money, i still feel that Pizza Hut’s offers are better. You always can try it for a change!!