Discovery Mall is located close to the Ice Skating Rink. q8blackmarket had posted about this in May. We visited this place last Friday. This is a Fun place for kids. They had a lot of summer activities going on in the mall. Face Painting,puzzles etc. Its a good hangout place for kids, unlike other malls the theme is based on kids, most of the shops are for kids. The mall has a very spacious open parking and since its very new, most of the shops are still put up with the coming soon boarding. Baroue has an outlet there and had some good offers for kids dress. The food court has got a lot of options with the regular outlets. Colormemine is also coming there.There is a good entertainment area for the kids.

The only problem I witnessed in this mall is that the kids found it really difficult to go when their parents where calling them to go. They were feeling special, cuz finally some one thought of making a mall exculsively for the Kids.

I liked the concept of an indoor football pitch, its called GOAL. The kids were having a real good time. The pitch even has an electronic scoreboard, which gets updated as soon as you score a goal. If you have kids, this mall is a must see. For us it was a new experience…