Now this is to bring your attention to a common problem which we ignore. It’s about the bulb. The new bulbs that we get(tungsram..etc) from the grocery shop are low quality ones. They tend to get kaput soon. This not something new, but off late these bulbs have started to shatter and fall off the holder. We still tend to ignore it, and get new ones. One of my colleagues learnt it the hard way.
He was on his vacation and only his son(he is working, not a kid) was at home. He was watching TV and slept in the Hall. He had kept the light bulb on in his room. It seems that the bulb shattered and came off the holder and landed on the mattress. The mattress got fire and within no time the entire room was on fire. It took 6 fire engines to put off the fire, which all started from one bulb and the result an entire gutted apartment. His son was lucky to survive, he was stuck inside the apartment,the firemen came and rescued him.
Precautions to take:
Purchase good quality bulbs preferably CFL lamps, which doesnt heat up that much.
Turn off your lights when not in use and make sure its turned off if you are sleeping or if you are stepping out of your apartment.
With out saying make sure that the gas and all the electrical switches are turned off before you leave the house.
Educate your family members on what to do in case of a fire mishap.
One final tip, dont compromise on quality, there are certain things money can’t buy-keep your family safe!