Wingys, yes you got it right its all about Chicken!! After an extensive shopping expedition(the lucky ones with a wife will know what i meant) in the Avenues, we had planned to take Shawerma from IKEA on our way back to the Car Park. We walked, walked…bought something interesting, went to Carrefour tried our luck with the scratch coupon and got this
“try again!! better luck next time….”, I guess that turned it all, no more luck. Why I say this cuz when we reached IKEA the security guy closed the entrance and said that its closed. Since we were walking all the while, we were too tired to go back to the food court. So we decided that we will try to get something on our way back.
So when we reached Jabriya, an idea struck me I said to my wify lets try wingys!! I didnt have a clue where the place was so had to take a couple of rounds to get to it. Since we located it the luck was slowly returning to us. We ordered the Fajita Sub(Slices of Grilled Chicken, grilled Pepper,grilled onion on Ciabatta bread.) and a Buffalo Club(Grilled Chicken, grilled green pepper,lettuce,tomato,buffalo sauce & cheese on Ciabatta) Sandwhich. We waited almost 10-15 minutes, since we were tired we didnt mind. The guy came and delivered our order, when we opened it was just lovely. The sandwhich was loaded, it was really big,tasty and juicy. We were very full..the guy told us that they have an offer on sundays! you get double the order for any wings …
You can find their menu here:
Verdict: Highly recommended..
Photos: Courtesy my wify!