One thing i liked about 360 is that its design and layout is refreshing from the rest of the malls. Atleast some effort has been put on giving it a different style. The parking is good, with covered parking and multi storey open parking, which is pretty good. The food court is big with a lot of seats around. But due to shortage of staff or due to the huge crowd the cleaning around that area is not that great.
The work is only 70-80% complete, if you go to the top floors you can see that a lot of work is pending and a lot of work is going on. Hopefully, when it is done, the mall will have a lot facilities which are unique.
Geant supermarket is good and spacious, you can very much relate it to the carrefour layout. They have a better electronics section and the LCD TV section is just amazing.
A few things i didn’t like is the kids playing with the fountain, which results in the water getting spilled on the floor. Then the water near the vertical garden looks stale and smells yuck.If you can do so many things then you should make sure that the small little things are also given enough attention.
Unlike the other malls 360 is in a location where you dont have any other happening place closeby to go, which means if you are going to 360 you are only going to 360.
I will leave with a few images, I loved the greenery around and also the wonferful arches inside. 360 is a step in the right direction, completely different from the other major malls…
Overall a good job done Tamdeen