Summer is blazing at its best…temperatures hitting the 50c mark. Well i dont have much to complain, as i chose to be here instead of taking my annual vacations.
What have you guys(the ones who are unlucky to be here) been doing for summer, other than shopping, sleeping and more shopping and more sleeping?
I am almost running out of ideas. Due to the weather, you feel so lethargic. Add to that the AC is going full blast in our office, i feel at times it hits the sub-zero mark(its a bit exaggerated). And when you step out of this temperature to the real, you almost feel like fish out of water.
What do you guys suggest other than Mall hopping and sleeping? Is there something worth doing in Kuwait?
I am getting bored, so much so that it’s almost like I am on slow poison. Guys pitch in an save me from this boredom!!!